What is reentry?
Why is it Important to us?

Working together we can make our communities safer, save money, and others can become responsible citizens.

Reentry is the process of someone who has been incarcerated returning to the community. The person has fulfilled their obligation if they have served all of their sentence or they are in the process of completing their sentence while on parole or probation.

Reentry involves the use of programs targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders back to communities upon release from prison and jail. Reentry programming, which often involves a comprehensive case management approach, is intended to assist offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to succeed in the community and become law-abiding citizens. A variety of programs are used to assist offenders in the reentry process, including pre-release programs, drug rehabilitation and vocational training, and work programs.

There are many factors any person has when you move from one area to another. Where would you live? Where would you work? Who would help you when you needed it? These are questions you would ask especially if you made the move very quickly with only what you could carry, and you had limited resources to rely on.

A reentry person needs support. Not a free ride, but support to get started on the track to being successful in the community. They need jobs to make money, to buy housing, to get transportation, to buy food, etc. When a person is able to work and buy those things, the urge to commit a crime to get money, is greatly reduced.

Some have addictions to drugs and alcohol, and support is needed to battle those cravings. Fighting an addiction is not easy and may last a lifetime, but with support it can be done. Taking away those addictions may prevent many violent crimes as well as economic crimes.

Recidivism is when someone who has been in jail or prison, ends up returning to jail or prison due to criminal activity or violations of their parole or release. With proper support, it has been shown, the recidivism rate can be lowered greatly. While keeping people out of our prisons and jails is a good thing, it is also one of the greatest ways to save tax money and many other resources needed to keep a person in a cell.

A productive citizen in the community working to support themselves is one of the goals we wish to achieve.